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Greg Alan Band is a group out of San Antonio that plays Modern, Texas, and Dance-hall Country Music. 

VOCALIST Greg Alan is a singer/songwriter with a passion for country music. As an experienced acoustic guitarist and vocalist, Greg performs every cover and original song with ardor. Greg grew up in S. Florida and began singing and playing guitar at age 13. Since then he immersed himself in many genres of music. Before the Greg Alan Band was established, Greg often performed as a solo act in front of audiences demonstrating his talent as a musician. After being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Greg moved to San Antonio, TX where he resides with his wife and first born. When not working, Greg spends time composing ballads to perform at local events. 

KEYBOARDS / VOCALS Michael Ogden is an experienced pianist and keyboardist whose skills translate across many musical genres. Michael brings a seasoned and professional approach to every piece he plays and composes. Michael grew up in S. Texas where he began playing piano at the age of five. As a teenager, he spent his high school years composing and playing in swing, country, classic rock and even heavy metal "big hair bands" in the 80's. Michael has worked with many songwriters, artists and sound engineers at various clubs and festivals across Texas and Florida. He has performed on stage with various bands throughout his career such as "Chet Short and the Texas Swing Band", "Tusk", "Tom Can't Stop", George and The Texas Outlaws" and "Whiskey 2 Step" to name a few. Currently residing in San Antonio, Michael spends his time as a devoted family man, working full time as president of his own company. Michael can be found hunting, fishing, gigging, practicing and composing in his off time. His keen ear and improvisational skills have given him the ability to play with musicians in any style or genre of music. 

LEAD GUITARIST Jesse Sanchez, lead guitarist of the Greg Alan Band, is experienced in many genres of music. During his formal education Jesse studied classical, flamenco, jazz and blues from the baroque period to contemporary. Jesse grew up in a northern state, however, upon moving to Texas, he quickly discovered and found an unwavering intrigue for the talent in country guitarists. Throughout his formal years, Jesse was always surrounded by musicians. At a young age, he was influenced by his brother who instructed him on the methodology of progressive rock. After serving several years in the United States Marine Corps, Jesse remained in Texas to continue serving his community. When not serving, Jesse spends time with friends dancing and supporting up & coming artists at local country venues. 

BASSIST Zavier Esqueda grew up playing guitar, however, found a love for playing bass just as much. Zavier started playing guitar at an early age after seeing a Van Halen music video. Since then he enjoyed learning and playing blues, rock, and metal on guitar and bass. As a native born Texan, Zavier has always had a profound interest in country music, which led him to joining the Greg Alan Band. When not rehearsing his skill set, you can find Zavier at a local gym “picking things up and putting them down”. 

PERCUSSION  Mo is a percussionist who not only keeps the Greg Alan Band synchronized, but sustains and intensifies the resonance of each song performed. While providing tempo and consistency, Mo also delivers vocal harmonies. Mo grew up in Kingsville, Texas where he was raised and employed on the King Ranch until he left home to obtain a higher level of education. After college, he decided to serve his country by joining the United States Air Force. After many travels and retiring from the AF, Mo settled down in San Antonio, TX. Mo, a seasoned musician of many genres, found an aspiration for playing country. When not working, he utilizes much of his time practicing his skillset. 


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